Future Postal, Federal Workers To Pay More for Retirement Benefits

A proposed budget deal announced late on Dec. 10 would require postal and federal workers hired after Dec. 31, 2013, to pay more toward their retirement benefits.

Budget Negotiators Threaten Postal, Federal Pay, Benefits

Congressional budget negotiators are engaged in closed-door deal-making that could reduce the take-home pay of postal workers and federal employees; reduce retirement benefits; eliminate postal jobs, and weaken the Postal Service, APWU leaders have...

Break the ‘Chained’ CPI!

The APWU is urging union members and retirees to participate in rallies across the country on Tuesday, July 2, to protest a proposal that would put retirement benefits for millions of workers on the chopping block.

House Rejects Bill to Fire Postal, Federal Employees Who Owe Federal Taxes

The House rejected a bill on April 15 that would have cost postal and federal employees their jobs if they fell behind in their taxes. Voting against the measure were 152 Democrats and 7 Republicans; 215 Republicans and 35 Democrats voted in favor...

House GOP Votes to Protect Millionaires, Increase Costs for Postal, Federal Workers

House Republicans won’t allow taxes on millionaires to go up, but they do agree on one thing: Postal and federal employees should pay more.