In the Dog Days of Summer Drivers Want Air

With temperatures soaring, many Motor Vehicle Service Craft employees have complained about management’s failure to maintain functioning air conditioning systems in their trucks – and the APWU has addressed those complaints at the national level,...

It’s Making Money from Operations

USPS management is doing its best to keep the good news quiet, but facts are facts. According to reports released by the USPS on Aug. 11, as of June 30, three-quarters of the way through Fiscal Year 2014: Operating income was up by about $1 billion...

Postal Workers Have the Right To Speak Out Against Facility Closures

Recent notices posted by management have generated questions about APWU members’ right to participate in activities opposing the closure of postal facilities.

Excessing Dispute: Separation of Casuals, Regardless of Craft, Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to national-level arbitration a dispute over the Postal Service's obligation to separate all casuals, regardless of craft, to the extent that it will minimize the impact of excessing on regular (full-time or part-time) work...

Dispute Over Sunday Premium When on Administrative Leave Appealed to Arbitration

The Union has appealed to arbitration a dispute over whether employees on Administrative Leave are entitled to Sunday Premium pay for any eligible hours they would have worked if not for being placed on administrative leave.