Re-Employment Rules For Postal, Federal Retirees

Under civil service retirement laws covering CSRS and FERS employees, retirees are not barred from postal or federal re-employment in appointed or elected positions for which they are qualified. People who retired under other retirement laws,...

A Risk in Going Part-Time

“What is the Part-Time Pro-ration Factor?” This continues to be the most-asked-about and talked-about subject in our retirement seminars.

Training Programs for 2007

To help APWU activists enhance their skills, the Research and Education Department will be providing several training programs in 2007.

Avoid the Crisis of Foreclosure

Millions of American homeowners are facing financial difficulties because of the way their mortgages are structured. Some borrowers did not understand the risks of a mortgage tied to fluctuating interest rates. Others borrowed more than they could...

Know Your Credit Score

Credit card companies and lending institutions are tightening their approval standards, making it harder for people with low credit scores to get new lines of credit. Everyone should know their credit score, which is the number used by credit-card...