Award on Annual Leave Exchange Option

In a national-level arbitration award, Arbitrator Linda Byars sustained the union's grievance protesting management’s decision to exclude part-time flexibles (PTFs) from the negotiated Annual Leave Exchange program.

Award on Article 19 Appeal of Maintenance Management Order (MMO) 028-97

In a recent national award regarding APWU's Article 19 appeal of MMO-028-97, Arbitrator Das ruled that "[t]he union's appeal of MMO-028-97 on the grounds that it is not fair, reasonable, and equitable for purposes of Article 19 is denied."

Award on Driver Instructor-Examiner (DIE) Qualification Standard

A national level award sustaining the APWU’s challenge to 1994 changes in the Driver Instructor and Examiner (DIE) Qualification Standard. (USPS #Q90V-4Q-C 95004852; 4/13/2004)

Award on Casuals Working Tour Two

In a national-level award, Arbitrator Shyam Das has ruled that Tour 1 casuals may continue to work past 5 a.m., concluding that the intent of the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement is to prevent management from assigning casuals starting...