Labor Organizing Changed the Hawaiian Islands Forever

The birth of the Hawaiian labor movement was a painful experience, marked by a number of failed job actions on the islands’ sugar-cane plantations over the course of 50 years. The largely Asian workforce learned bitter lessons from several failed...

Dolores Huerta

While almost everyone is familiar with Cesar Chavez, relatively few know the name of Dolores Huerta, the cofounder of the United Farm Workers Union.

The Alliance That Began With the Brotherhood

As the civil war divided the nation figuratively, transcontinental rail travel brought it together literally. The nation’s railroad system also brought together for the first time Black workers and the labor movement. From that alliance, several...

Titanic Postal Clerks

In the 90 years since it departed England on its only journey, the R.M.S. Titanic has remained of unwavering great interest, with the focus tending towards its design or the actions of its many famous passengers.

Remembering Father George Higgins

From the California grape fields to the Kentucky coal mines, and in the halls of Congress, Father Higgins marched with striking workers, offered benedictions at union meetings, and tried to persuade politicians that working people deserve a fair...