PRC Documents Shed Light on Shady Staples Privatization Deal

In response to a lawsuit filed by the APWU, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has coughed up 231 documents that shed new light on the secretive deal between Staples and the Postal Service. Perhaps most jarring is the acknowledgement that the...

APWU Takes PRC to Court Over Refusal to Enforce Service Standards

The APWU has taken the Postal Regulatory Commission to court, challenging the commission’s decision to dismiss its complaint that the Postal Service is failing to meet service standards. The union filed the Petition for Review on May 29 in the...

PRC Dismisses APWU Service Complaint

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has dismissed an APWU complaint which charges that the Postal Service is failing to meet its own service standards regarding the delivery of first-class mail. The union brought the complaint in its capacity as...

APWU Opposes USPS Proposal to Slow Down Standard Mail

In a filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission on Feb. 20, the APWU strenuously opposed a USPS proposal to reduce service standards for Standard Mail.

Tell the PRC About Delayed Mail

Businesses, customers and APWU members who have complaints about delayed mail should be sure to let the Postal Regulatory Commission know, says Debby Szeredy, the union’s executive vice president.