Maintenance Capable and Non-Maintenance Capable Dispute Settled

February 15, 2024

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On February 15, 2024, Maintenance Division Director Idowu Balogun announced that APWU and USPS have reached a step-4 agreement that resolves longstanding issues in the Maintenance Craft regarding changes made to the Administrative Support Manual. The crux of the dispute involved the specific changes the Union objects fall into four basic groupings:  

(1) subcontracting of maintenance services; (2) maintenance echelons; (3) offices without maintenance capability; and (4)Handbook MS-39 (Fluorescent and Mercury Vapor Lighting Cleaning and Relamping). Arbitrator Das ultimately ruled in favor of the Union and remanded certain issues back to the parties for further discussion and implementation. Those issues included revisions to ASM 535.111, 535.23, 535.262 and 531.52. This new step-4 agreement now updates the definition of offices without maintenance capability and also resolves the other remaining remanded issues. (Q18T-6Q-C-2116004/APWU No. HQTT20210109).  

You can download a copy of the settlement here.

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