Agreement Reached on the 2021-2024 Contract Period Workyear Designations List

Charlie Cash

September 16, 2022

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On September 16, 2022, the APWU and the Postal Service reached agreement on the workyear designations list. Each time a new contract is established, the contract calls for a “workyear” designations to be established.

Workyear designations are set by looking at the total number of paid hours (work and leave) for career employees represented by the APWU, NPMHU (Mail Handlers), and NALC (City Carriers). The total number of paid hours are then divided by 2080 hours and the resulting number determines the workyear designation.  There are three designations recognized: 200 workyear, 125 workyear, and 100 workyear.

The workyear designation determines how multiple contract provisions are implemented. Once the designation is determined, the workyear designation cannot change for the life of the contract. For the 2021-2024 Contract period, 24 additional offices were moved up to the 200 workyear, 4 moved up to 125 workyear, and 7 moved to the 100 workyear category.

The complete list of workyear designations can be found on the Frequently Requested Resources page. There is both a PDF and Excel version of the file available for download. The list can also be viewed in the Contract Database.

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