APWU “Building Union Power” National Organizing Drive Blasts Past Goal, Recruits 8707 New Members

June 27, 2024

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At the end of the day of our Building Union Power national organizing drive, the total number of new members reached 8707 -- we did it! You answered our calls to sign up 5,000 new members of the APWU by Opening Day of contract negotiations to show management the strength of our worker power. APWU National sent emails, texts, and letters to members and nonmembers alike highlighting the benefits of being a part of our great union, showing everyone what a difference our union makes. We encouraged locals and members like you  to hold organizing drives and to ask nonmember coworkers to join the union.

While APWU National received many membership applications, the local recruiting efforts blew our numbers out of the water. At the end of the organizing campaign, atleast 463 locals recruited a new member – and we are now 3707 more than our original goal! This is because union members came together to build a stronger and more active membership. We stood together in what was a true grassroots campaign – and a grassroots success from the workroom floor to the negotiating table, so we can say with one voice - “Union Proud, Say It Loud - Good Contract Now!”

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