Some Questions – and Answers – On the Tentative Agreement

March 16, 2011

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Several questions have been posed on the APWU’s Facebook page regarding the Tentative Agreement for a new contract. Union officers address questions regarding the conversion of Clerk Craft part-time flexible employees and part-time regular employees below.

Questions & Answers On Conversion of Clerk Craft PTFs and PTRs

1) What is a traditional full-time and non-traditional full-time duty assignment in the Clerk Craft?

Response: A traditional full-time duty assignment is eight hours a day, five days a week, totaling 40 hours. A non-traditional full-time duty assignment is more or less than 5 days a week; between 30-48 hours a week; between 4-12 hours days.

2) Is there a specific schedule or guideline for conversion of part-time regular employees and part-time flexible clerks in Level 21 & above offices to full-time?

Response: Yes. All conversions will take place within three months of the signing of the agreement. A Form 50 taking such action will be sent to the employee.

3) Can the Postal Service convert to full-time prior to the effective date?

Response: Yes, unless there is withholding in the installation and/or there are employees with retreat rights under Article 12.

4) What happens if there are excessed full-time clerks who retain retreat rights or must be returned to the Clerk Craft from other crafts when part -time flexibles or part-time regulars in those installations are converted to full-time?

Response: Excessed clerks will be offered any of the following prior to conversion to full-time:

  • The opportunity to exercise a retreat to the newly created assignment.
  • A former clerk who was excessed to a non-AP WU craft must be returned to the vacancy but you can’t be assigned to less than 40 hours per week.
  • A clerk who was excessed to another APWU craft may use their retreat right to the vacancy or may voluntarily give up the right to retreat.

5) How will employees be assigned once converted to full-time?

Response: The employees shall be placed in a residual vacancy in accordance with Article 37.

6) What if converted PTR or PTF employees cannot be placed in traditional full time or non-traditional full-time available residual vacancies?

Response: They will become an unencumbered full-time clerk per Article 37.4.D

7) How long can employees converted to full-time be unencumbered?

Response: 120 calendar days. If the employee is unencumbered for 120 days, this shall demonstrate the need to post full-time duty assignments in accordance with Article 37.4.

8) Can former part-time regular or part-time flexible employees converted to full-time in accordance with this agreement be assigned to non-traditional full-time residual assignments?

Response: Yes, but after excessed employees have been given their retreat rights and/or an opportunity to return to the craft in accordance with Article 12 and Question #4 above.

9) What is the minimal number of hours that can be assigned to non-traditional full-time assignments?

Response: 30 hours a week

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