USPS Unveils Prescription Drug Card for Workplace Injuries

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The USPS has announced a voluntary prescription drug card program for employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses. According to the Postal Service, employees who choose to participate in the program will submit their drug card and prescriptions to the pharmacy of their choice, and the prescriptions will be filled at no cost to the employee.

The program, known as “First Script,” has been reviewed by the Department of Labor, which has determined that it does not affect any existing OWCP prescription drug fulfillment rules or processes.

For employees who suffer traumatic injuries, drug cards will be faxed to the postal facility where the accident occurred and provided to the employee. If a participating employee’s claim is subsequently denied by OWCP, he or she will not be liable for the cost of the prescription.

If an employee suffers an occupational illness, a prescription card will be mailed to the employee once the claim has been accepted by OWCP. Employees who have long-term conditions also will have the option of receiving their prescriptions by mail from a designated provider.

The vendors under contract to the USPS to provide these services are First Script Network Services and PharmaCare, a division of CVS. The contracts do not permit the vendors to have access to any information regarding the participating employees or their prescriptions, the Postal Service said.

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