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E.g., 08/23/2019
E.g., 08/23/2019
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Interest Arbitration Panel for New Contract Appointed

Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg has been appointed as the impartial chair of the tri-partite interest arbitration panel and scheduled the opening day of the hearings for September 4, 2019.  When the APWU and USPS are unable to reach a new collective...

House Majority Supports H.R. 2382

On August 16, the USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382) achieved a bipartisan majority of cosponsors. This critical milestone is the direct result of a successful, day of action held on July 23 and our ongoing work with the AFL-CIO, and our sister postal...

Stay Informed About Your Union

Postal Service Default: A Congressionally-Manufactured Crisis

The Postal Service’s default on a $5.5 billion payment to the U.S. Treasury on Aug. 1 — and an expected default on Sept. 30 — is the result of a congressionally-manufactured crisis that could have been avoided, the APWU charged over the summer....

End Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

Have you ever sat down to a peaceful dinner only to be interrupted by a call from a telemarketer? If so, you’re not alone. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the National Do- Not-Call Registry in June 2003 in response to consumer...

Building Self-Esteem

Of all the judgment calls we make, none are as important as the ones we make about ourselves. Low self-esteem can lead to a wide range of personal problems, often masking what is truly wrong, and resulting in underachievement, fear of commitment,...

Resource Management Database (RMD) Settlement

A pre-arbitration settlement (USPS #Q98C-4Q-C 01005505) concerning the Postal Service’s Resource Management Database (RMD) and its web-based enterprise Resource Management System (eRMS). 

e-Team Report, Jan. 19, 2013

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