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E.g., 11/26/2020
E.g., 11/26/2020

MVS Division Resolves National Dispute on Article 32.2 Vehicle Costs

On November 23, the National MVS Craft Division came to agreement with the USPS on a class action Step-4 dispute regarding PVS Costs, case no. Q10V-4Q-C 16534585/HQTV20160326. The issue presented was whether or not the USPS violated Article 32.2 of...

Clerk Craft Prepares For National Arbitrations in December on Two Important Issues

The Clerk Craft has been preparing for arbitration hearings in December that will cover two issues – 1) the Postmaster End of Day (PMEOD) button remedy case, and 2) an RI-399 issue regarding the craft jurisdiction for the Advanced Facer Canceller...

Stay Informed About Your Union

Dispute Over Reporting Rules for Sex Offenders

The APWU has appealed to arbitration a revision to ELM Section 665 which requires employees on a public registry of sex offenders to report their status to management.

e-Team Report, Nov. 10, 2011

Senate Hearing National Protests of Voter ID Laws Scheduled for December 10th Easy Voting Act of 2011 - HR 3163 Successful Ohio and Maine Elections

USPS Withdrawal of a Limited Duty/ Permanent Rehabilitation Assignment

As the Postal Service’s National Reassessment Process (NRP) expands across the country, a growing number of limited duty and/or rehabilitation jobs are being withdrawn. At the national level the APWU will continue to monitor each phase of the...

Give to the Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is an annual event that provides postal and federal employees with the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to one or several of their favorite charities through payroll deduction. The CFC is the world’s...

GAO Misses the Mark

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) presented a 46-page report on the Postal Service’s National Reassessment Process (NRP) to Congress recently, but failed to address many glaring problems, including many issues raised by APWU representatives...