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E.g., 06/05/2020
E.g., 06/05/2020

Save the Post Office ad and Danny Glover spot hit the airwaves

Save the Post Office ad and Danny Glover spot hit the airwaves

APWU Statement on the Killing of George Floyd and the Continuing Struggle for Justice

Fair minded people from all walks of life and political viewpoints are deeply disturbed and rightfully outraged by the killing of unarmed and handcuffed African-American George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers. George Floyd...

Stay Informed About Your Union

MVS Tell the OIG: What do you think about the new lift gates?

The USPS Office Inspector General (OIG) recently announced a solicitation for postal employee comments on the lift gates of the latest purchased Peterbilt 18’ and 24’ cargo trucks. On April 30, MVS Director Michael Foster and Assistant Director...

May 1 is International Workers Day

May Day, the annual holiday recognizing the international working class, is celebrated today, May 1. The holiday originated in the 1880s, born out of the historic fight for the eight-hour day, centered in Chicago. May Day is celebrated in over 80...

Tell Congress to Support the Public Postal Service in the Next COVID-19 Stimulus Package!

Talks in Congress are rapidly progressing regarding further stimulus legislation, and we need your assistance in educating members of Congress about the invaluable service postal workers provide, and the investments that need to be made to ensure...

New Poll Shows Two-Thirds of the Public Supports Stimulus Funding for the U.S. Postal Service, Only 15 Percent Oppose Added Funding

APWU/YouGov survey results show that voters would be less likely to back elected leaders who allow USPS to go broke this summer

President Dimondstein Appears on Democracy Now!

President Dimondstein Appeared on Democracy Now! today, speaking about the campaign to save the Postal Service