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E.g., 11/25/2020
E.g., 11/25/2020

Clerk Craft Prepares For National Arbitrations in December on Two Important Issues

The Clerk Craft has been preparing for arbitration hearings in December that will cover two issues – 1) the Postmaster End of Day (PMEOD) button remedy case, and 2) an RI-399 issue regarding the craft jurisdiction for the Advanced Facer Canceller...

Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period, New Leave Year

Reminder, in accordance with Article 8, sections 4 and 5, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, penalty overtime rules are not applicable for a consecutive four-week period each year during December.  This year, the December period begins November...

Stay Informed About Your Union

World Post Day

October 9 is World Post Day, a moment to celebrate the unique and vital role postal workers play in the civic, economic and social life of people around the globe.  The date commemorates the founding of the Universal Postal Union, which since 1874...

Two Additional Federal Courts Issue Injunctions Against Postal Service’s Policy Changes

Two federal district courts have entered a third and fourth injunction against the Postal Service to undo the policy changes that it implemented over the summer and to protect voting by mail. 

Second Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Postal Service To Protect Election Mail

On Monday, Judge Victor Marrero on the federal district court for the Southern District of New York issued the second nationwide injunction against the Postal Service on election mail. 

Statement: Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Postal Policies that Could Slow Election Mail

The APWU calls on the Postal Service to keep its promises and follow the rule of law. And the APWU will be there to make sure it does, working at every level to make sure election mail is handled with the same care and speed that has always been the...

The People are Proving We're no “Joke”

(This article first appeared in the September/October 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) It is no joke when the U.S. President calls us “a joke.” It is most concerning for our jobs and future. We are outraged that those who want to...