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E.g., 02/27/2024

APWU Announces Dedication of Headquarters Boardroom to President William H. Burrus

February 23, 2024
APWU has honored the legacy of former President William H. Burrus by renaming the National Executive Boardroom at APWU Headquarters in his memory. 

Maintenance Capable and Non-Maintenance Capable Dispute Settled

February 15, 2024
APWU and USPS management have settled National Dispute USPS NO. Q18T-6Q-C-21160044/APWU No. HQTT20210109

More Updates on Management's "Modernization" Plans

January 16, 2024
USPS Management's "network modernization" plans may affect postal workers and how we serve the public. The APWU will continue to oppose those parts of the “modernization plan” that disrupt, rather than improve, our mission to the people.

Overcome Stigma: Learn More About Mental Health and Why Your Well-being is Important

January 8, 2024
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. And they’re both equally important to your overall health and wellness. Yet, stigma – or negative beliefs and attitudes – continues to keep many people with mental health concerns from...

Watching Your Wallet in 2024

January 8, 2024
Retirees Director Nancy Olumekor shares a comprehensive list of services provided by the Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB) aimed to protect retirees and seniors.  

Building Self-Esteem

January 8, 2024
Your personality type influences how you act and how you relate to others. To build self-esteem, it would help to know and put into practice your Personal Bill of Rights.

Forging On in Progress This New Year

January 8, 2024
As another year rolls over, it’s time to reflect on the achievements of the Human Relations Department in 2023.