The issue in this grievance is whether management was proper in establishing the seniority of a transferred employee. After further review of the matter, we mutually agreed that there was no national interpretive issue fairly presented as to the meaning and intent of Article 37 of the National Agreement. The facts in our respective files indicate that a former postmaster was reassigned to the local office as a FTR clerk. We mutually agreed that there is no prohibition under the National Agreement against such a reassignment. However, the reassigned employee seniority must be established in accordance with Article 37, Section 2.D., of the National Agreement. Accordingly, as we further agreed, this case is hereby remanded to Step 3 for further development and consideration of the seniority date of the transferred employee, if necessary by the parties.

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  H1C4BC10183

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: seniority , 37.2.D.4 , Former Postmaster , Transfer

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