This case involves proper procedures for filling clerk craft assignments for which there were no successful bidders. During our discussion, we agreed that the Step 4 settlement made in grievance no. H1C-NA-C-81 is applicable to this case. That settlement is as follows:
1. Normally, a duty assignment, once it has been posted for bid, will be filled consistent with 524.1 of the P-11 Handbook.
2. There may be, on occasion, exceptions wherein the Postal Service may leave vacant a duty assignment after it has been posted and no bids were received or there were no successful bidders. However, these exceptions must be operationally justified, and will be limited to changes such as those occurring through mechanization and technological changes, transportation changes, etc..

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  H1C2FC12914

Craft:  Clerk

Tags: Posting , Bidding , and Application , 37.3.A.1 , Vacancy Filling , Filling Residual Vacancies

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