The USPS Shipping Equity Act

Private carriers, such as UPS and FedEx, are already able to ship beer, alcohol and wine direct to consumers. In 2018, private carriers reported a revenue of over $3 billion from delivering for wineries, breweries, and other producers. While private carriers are able to ship alcohol, due to outdated Prohibition Era regulations, it is currently illegal for the Postal Service to ship these products. It’s time we lift this band and enable the public Postal Service to realize the opportunity to increase revenue and expand on demanded services.

Under this bipartisan legislation, the prohibition of the Postal Service shipping alcohol would be fully removed, while setting up regulations which would require:

  • Shippers to register with the Department of Treasury, the federal regulator of alcohol;
  • Recipients to be 21 or older, with possession of a valid government-issued ID shown at time of delivery; and,
  • The Postal Service to comply with state and local laws in force at the point of delivery.

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