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50th Anniversary of The Great Postal Strike

Celebrating the courage of Postal Workers who dared to strike for true collective bargaining rights, better working conditions and fair pay.

Message from the President: 2020 Starts with Renewed Energy

President Dimonstein's message as we started the New Year with the delivery of more than 400,000 petition signatures to the Postmaster General. "Let’s enter this year with renewed optimism and energy...

Stop the USPS Sell-Off & Say NO to a Privatizer Postmaster General!

Postmaster General Megan Brennan has announced her departure as PMG effective Jan. 2020. The PMG has wide powers to shape the misison and service of the USPS. The PMG will be selected by the Postal...

The People's Postal Service: No One Gets Left Off the List

The people's public postal service means no one gets left off the list. The next Postmaster General should protect universal home delivery and keep public ownership of the U.S. Mail. It's the People'...

Message from the President: Final Arbitration Hearings

President Dimondstein's fifth update on the interest arbitration hearings for our new union contract. We just completed three more days of hearings which ended November 15th. The hearings are now...

President Dimondstein: Interest Arbitration Update # 4

President Dimondstein's interest arbitration update on the Postal Service's witness hearings. In October, we fought back against management's regressive attacks on our jobs.