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Group A

National Award Das: Terminations Due to Hiring Errors Initiated Outside Probationary Period (2007)

January 19, 2007

Document Type: National Arbitration

Arbitrator Name: Shyam Das

Probation, Probationary Period, Removal, Termination, Hiring decisions

Q & A: POStPlan, Filling Residuals, and Travel (2016)

July 29, 2016

APWU/USPS Questions & Answers supplementing the September 22, 2014 MOU Re: POStPlan, Staffing of Offices, Filling of Assignments, PSE Usage and Conversions (Probation Period Question 14) and the December 31, 2014 Addendum MOU.

Document Type: Question & Answer

Craft: Clerk

POStPlan, PSEs, RMPO, Remotely Managed Post Office, PSE Probation, Probation

Exception to Citing COVID Related Absences in Separations or Discipline

March 25, 2022

Email chain that shows Postal Service agreement not to cite COVID related absences in probationary separations or disciplinary actions.

Document Type: Other

Craft: All Craft, Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service, Support Services

COVID-19, Probationary Period, Probation