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MOU: Filling of Residual Vacancies (2014)

March 20, 2014

Filling of Residual Vacancies MOU

Document Type: Memorandum of Understanding

residual, cross craft, Transfer, PSE, Vacancy, Pecking Order, Priority Transfer, excessing, part-time flexible, PTF, FTR, Full-Time Regular, Bid Posting, eReassign, Conversion, Impacted Installations, Postal Support Employees, reassignment, ADRP, residual mou, Residual Vacancies

2021-2024 CBA Period Work Year Designation List

September 15, 2022

Bid Cluster Work Year Designations: Based on paid hours from PP20-02, 2020 (beginning September 19, 2020) through PP20-01, 2021 (ending September 17, 2021)

Document Type: Other

Craft: All Craft