The union, at the regional level, will be given notice when technological and mechanization changes impact the bargaining unit, no less than 90 days, but as much as 6 months whenever possible. This notice shall be in the form of the Manpower Impact Report (copy attached). Any involuntary reassignments outside the installation will require a local labor management meeting. It is in the interest of both parties to meet as soon as practicable and to develop an ongoing flow of communications to insure that the principle(s) of Article 12 (reassignment) are met, The first local labor management meeting must be held no later than 90 days prior to the involuntary reassignment of employees.

Document Type:  Memorandum of Understanding

Tags: excessing , tech and mech , Comparative Work Hour Report , involuntary reassignment , labor management meeting , Article 12 , dislocation , reassignment

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