Idowu Balogun

Director, Maintenance Division

(202) 842-4213

1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

The Maintenance Craft is a diverse and complex division of the APWU. In addition to the three national officers who work at the union's headquarters in Washington, DC, representation is provided by nine Maintenance National Business Agents (NBAs) and three all-craft NBAs.

The Maintenance Division is comprised of approximately 40,000 employees, covering all pay grades — from 1 to 11— and more than 50 different position descriptions. It covers a wide variety of duties, including general office work, cleaning, mechanical, electronic, carpenter, painter, electrician and plumber. Staffing is divided into five general areas: Building Services (custodial); Field Maintenance; Administrative; Building Equipment (physical building and environment); and Mechanized (all postal equipment).

There are fewer than 600 part-time regulars, with the remainder of the employees being full-time regulars.

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