e-Team Report, Oct. 20, 2011

Make Your Voice Clear to Your Members of Congress — Call Them Today! Senator Mikulski Introduces the “Save Our Postal Workers Jobs Act” Attention Needed to the Hatch Act Study Show Millions Will Be Affected By Changes in State Voting Laws

e-Team Report, July 1, 2011

Benefits, Pay and Ultimately Postal Jobs  Threatened with Introduction of Issa Bill Sixteen U.S. Senators Call for Department of Justice Review of New State Voter ID Laws Over One Million Signatures Delivered to Ohio Secretary of State To Put a...

e-Team Report, June 7, 2013

Grassroots Community Support Needed for Postal Reform Some in Congress Make Headlines Instead of Solutions OIG Survey Finds Internet-Connected Americans Support USPS Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) Remembered  Obama Nominates Three to Fill Crucial...

Another Biased Report Calls for Privatizing Mail Processing

Another conservative think tank has jumped on the “privatize everything but the last mile” bandwagon, reports APWU Executive Vice President Greg Bell. A June 2013 report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation offers a plan that...

e-Team Report, Aug. 6, 2012

60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero to Fix Mail Service House Passes Bill to Fire Tax-Delinquent Federal, Postal Workers Romney’s Tax Plan for Working Families: Pay Up Gotta Vote