Is Your Union Constitution in Conflict?

(This article first appeared in the May-June 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) Your local union constitution contains the fundamental principles by which the local is governed. Federal law requires local unions to adopt a...

Deliberations Continue on Constitutional Resolutions

Acting on the first resolution reported by the Constitution Committee during Wednesday’s session, as a cost-savings measure, delegates amended the APWU Constitution, shortening the time frame for National Conventions from five to four days.  The...

Sometimes it’s the Right Thing to Do

As a result of the postal service’s shrinking workforce — and the APWU’s shrinking membership base — union members have important decisions to make about the structure and future of their locals.

Union to Keep Unoccupied Officer Positions Vacant

The National Executive Council has taken the first steps toward reducing the number of national union officers by voting to keep vacant four soon-to-be unoccupied positions.

Updated APWU Constitution Posted

The updated APWU Constitution & Bylaws has been posted. The new constitution includes changes adopted by delegates to the union’s National Convention in August 2012.