Dispute: Level 4 Post Office Clerks in Level 15 and 16 Post Offices

This dispute protests management’s unilateral decision to create a Level 4 Post Office Clerk PSE (Postal Support Employee) job description for use in Level 15 and Level 16 post offices.

Dispute Over Subcontracting AMC Work

The APWU recently initiated a Step 4 dispute over the Postal Service’s proposal to subcontract bargaining unit work (tender and receipt of mail) at 14 Air Mail Centers/Facilities.

Dispute Over Notification to Locals of Subcontracting Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to national-level arbitration a dispute over the Postal Service's obligation pursuant to Article 32, Section 1.C., of the National Agreement, to furnish the Union at the local level notification of subcontracting of bargaining...

Dispute Over 90 Day Notice of Excessing Appealed to Arbitration

The union recently appealed to national arbitration an issue concerning the employer's obligation to meet with the union at the regional level no less than 90 days prior to involuntarily reassigning bargaining unit employees outside their craft or...

Dispute Over Reassignments of Partially Recovered Employees

This grievance involves the failure of the USPS to use craft seniority when making wholesale rehab/limited duty assignments after reassessing all of the medically restricted assignments in an installation.