Dues Check-Off Printout

The Dues Check-Off (DCO) printout — sent to each local and state union — is a list of members who are having dues withheld.

e-WHEP Staffing: Coming to a BMC Near You!

Last year, the Postal Service tried to pull a slick maneuver on Maintenance Craft employees at Bulk Mail Centers (BMCs) by improperly changing staffing models – and implementing a new program before notifying the union of any change.

A New Day, A New Way in Organizing

A bright new day is here. As your newly elected director of Organization, I want to congratulate all the new and re-elected officers. To those who have left office, thank you for your years of dedication to the APWU. Without your hard work we would...

Joining Our Allies In the Labor Movement

The AFL-CIO’s state federations and local labor councils are where workers share our stories and struggles — not as they are interpreted in two-minute television news reports, but in our own words, as we understand them. 

We’re Not a Fee-for-Service Organization

There seems to be a misconception that labor unions are fee-for-service organizations. This notion is likely fostered by the fact that union dues fund activities that serve union members. Dues enable unions to negotiate and enforce contracts,...