Pay Raise Set for November 21

APWU-represented postal workers will receive a 1.2 percent increase in annual salaries effective Nov. 21, based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006. The raise will be reflected in paychecks issued Dec. 11, and apply to employees...

Upgrades Reflected in March 7 Paycheck

The March 7 paycheck for all APWU-represented employees will reflect an upgrade negotiated in the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Retroactive Pay to Be Issued May 18

The USPS has notified the APWU that it expects to disburse back pay for the period from Nov. 25, 2006, through Feb. 2, 2007, in paychecks dated May 18 (Pay Period 10-2007). The retroactive pay will reflect a 1.3 percent raise for five pay periods (...

e-WHEP Staffing: Coming to a BMC Near You!

Last year, the Postal Service tried to pull a slick maneuver on Maintenance Craft employees at Bulk Mail Centers (BMCs) by improperly changing staffing models – and implementing a new program before notifying the union of any change.

A New Day, A New Way in Organizing

A bright new day is here. As your newly elected director of Organization, I want to congratulate all the new and re-elected officers. To those who have left office, thank you for your years of dedication to the APWU. Without your hard work we would...