Santa Cruz Joins 'Fighting for Justice' Campaign on Opening Day

Santa Cruz members wear their union gear as part of the national APWU sticker day.

‘They Spoke for All of Us’

Workers had a seat at the table – the arbitration table – on the second and third day of hearings, testifying in vivid detail about the work they do, the responsibilities bestowed on them, and their unwavering commitment to serving postal customers...

Northern Indiana Local Takes Part in Sticker Day!

Members of the Northern Indiana Unified Area Local sporting  their 'Fighting for Justice' stickers on Opening Day of Arbitration.  

Oakland Members 'Fighting for Justice' on Opening Day of Contract Arbitration

Members in Oakland, CA, wear their 'Fighting for Justice' stickers in support of a fair contract on Opening Day. 

Orlando Sports Stickers on Opening Day of Contract Arbitration

APWU members at the Orlando P&DC wear their 'Fighting for Justice' stickers.