Keeping Postal Workers Safe: A Guide to Heat Safety

As temperatures rise, postal workers are at risk of experiencing heat related illnesses. Here are some guidelines to help keep you safe, identify symptoms, and take the necessary precautions to minimize the effects of working in hot weather...

You Have Power as a Postal Worker and as a Customer

“We can’t afford to lose our very important public Postal Service.” Vice President Debby Szeredy shares information on how postal workers and customers can utilize our power to preserve the public Postal Service.

Understanding the Travel and Expense, and Other Important Policies, at the Local and State Level

Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell explains important Travel and Expense policies for locals as required by APWU National Constitution Article 16 “Compliance at the state and local level”.

The Union Keeps Us Strong

In the face of our upcoming contract fight and corporate greed, APWU President Dimondstein reminds members, “the best investment workers make is with each other through our union."

Testimonials: See What Our Members Are Saying!

“On behalf of everyone at the APWU Health Plan, we are grateful for the trust and loyalty that you have given us, and we are committed to continuing to support your health and wellness journey.” - APWU Health Plan Director Sarah J. Rodriguez