Our Labor History: War on the Waterfront; Save the Post Office National Day of Action; Newport News Shipyard Strike

For the July-August 2023 issue of the American Postal Worker, we take a look back on labor history during the War on the Waterfront, the Save the Post Office Day of Action, and the Newport News Shipyard Strike,

Resolution: Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

The APWU National Executive Board adopted a resolution to honor the women of the APWU throughout March, in honor of Women's History Month, recognizing the critical role women have played in the labor movement.

Looking Back: This Time in Our Labor History - Martin Luther King Jr.

On Monday, we observe the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day federal holiday, honoring one of our nation's all-time great civil and workers’ rights leaders. But winning the holiday to recognize King’s legacy was a struggle in itself.

The Real "Norma Rae" Still Lives!

(This article first appeared in the November/December 2019 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

Fighting for Workplace Safety

(This article first appeared in the May-June 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) Before passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in December 1970, millions of Americans risked their lives every time they reported for duty –...