Happy Birthday, EAP

On Nov.12, the USPS Employees Assistance Program turned 40 years old. The first postal EAP program — then known as the Program for Alcoholic Recovery (PAR) — opened its doors in San Francisco. From those humble beginnings, the postal EAP has grown...

OIG ‘Fraud’ Campaign

Who’s scamming who? The USPS Office of Inspector General recently launched a “Workers’ Compensation Fraud Campaign.” In typical OIG fashion, one of its strategies involves demonizing injured workers by having an actor posing as a postal employee...

National Reassessment Processes

There are two USPS National Reassessment Processes (NRPs), each with a unique set of guidelines. It’s helpful to understand the differences.

Mental Health Screening

The USPS offers free, anonymous mental health screening to all employees and their families. Screening for depression and alcoholism are done via telephone or the internet. People who use these services will be offered brief questionnaires that...

Frequently Asked Questions About The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP is a free, voluntary program available to postal employees and their families. It is intended to provide timely, quality, confidential assistance when it is needed.