Arbitrator: Maximization Provision Only Applies to Work Hours of PTFs

A recent national arbitration award by Arbitrator Linda Byars found that the Postal Service does not have an obligation to combine the hours of all non-full-time employees, i.e. part-time regular, part-time flexible, transitional and/or casual...

Arbitrator Rules Union Leave Does Not Count Toward FMLA Eligibility

An employee's time on LWOP for union business does not count toward the 1,250 hours of service required for eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), according to this national-level award by Arbitrator Das.

Settlement Rescinds EEO Complaint Processing Handbook

The APWU and the Postal Service agreed recently in a pre-arbitration settlement that management shall rescind the EEO Complaint Processing Handbook (EL-603). 

Award on Article 19 Appeal of Maintenance Management Order (MMO) 028-97

In a recent national award regarding APWU's Article 19 appeal of MMO-028-97, Arbitrator Das ruled that "[t]he union's appeal of MMO-028-97 on the grounds that it is not fair, reasonable, and equitable for purposes of Article 19 is denied."