Settlement on Contract Postal Unit Dispute

The issue in this case concerned whether it is a violation of the National Agreement for the Postal Service to give a contract for a "Contract Postal Unit (CPU)" to a contractor who doesn’t own the property or facility where the CPU is being...

Arbitrator Issues Decision in Dispute Over Two-Tour Initiative

Arbitrator Das denied the union’s grievance challenging the Postal Service’s two-tour initiative.

Article 1.6.B Merit Award

A national-level award by Arbitrator Das on the issue of "whether consistent with the exception in Article 1.6.B of the National Agreement ... a supervisor at a small post office, whose position description includes the performance of bargaining...

Settlement on Severance Pay and Early Retirement

This is a pre-arbitration settlement over whether employees are entitled to severance pay when they elect early retirement in accordance with Article 6, Section B. 4 of the National Agreement.

Arbitrator: Maximization Provision Only Applies to Work Hours of PTFs

A recent national arbitration award by Arbitrator Linda Byars found that the Postal Service does not have an obligation to combine the hours of all non-full-time employees, i.e. part-time regular, part-time flexible, transitional and/or casual...