It Pays to Belong

A Jan. 24 Department of Labor report demonstrates the value of union membership, says APWU Organizing Director Anna Smith.

Executive Board Approves Dues Assessment

Vowing to continue to do “everything in our power to prevent the destruction of the Postal Service,” the APWU National Executive Board has approved a special dues assessment on Sept. 20 that will begin in Pay Period 21-2011 and continue through Pay...

Thank You, Bill

APWU members and friends celebrated the 53-year career of President William Burrus and his contributions to the union at a tribute dinner Aug. 24. ALSO: Convention Rejects Dues Increase Leaves Intact Procedure for Filling Officer Vacancies  AND: ...

Pay Raise Set for November 21

APWU-represented postal workers will receive a 1.2 percent increase in annual salaries effective Nov. 21, based on the grades and levels in effect on Sept. 6, 2006. The raise will be reflected in paychecks issued Dec. 11, and apply to employees...

Upgrades Reflected in March 7 Paycheck

The March 7 paycheck for all APWU-represented employees will reflect an upgrade negotiated in the 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement.