Democracy in Action: Robust Debate Dominates Convention's Third Day

On the third day of the 27th Biennial Convention, APWU Delegates dominating democracy in action.

Delegates' Work on Convention Business Continues

On Day 2 of APWU's 27th Biennial Conveniton, delegates continue work on convention business and rally for a good contract.

APWU's 27th Biennial Convention Begins; President Dimondstein Delivers State of the Union

APWU's 27th Biennial Convention Began on July 15; President Dimondstein Delivers his State of the Union Address.

Craft Division, Retiree Conferences Get to Work at APWU's 27th Biennial Pre-Convention

At APWU's 27th Biennial Pre-Convention, Craft Division, Retiree Conferences Get to Work.

Grievance Moratorium will be in Effect Due to 2024 National Convention

The APWU and the Postal Service have agreed to a moratorium on grievances, disciplinary actions and arbitration hearings at the national, regional, state and local levels from July 8 through July 22, 2024, due to the 2024 APWU Biennial Convention,...