Network Modernization - Local Transportation Optimization

As part of the Postmaster General’s Delivering for America (DFA) "network modernization" plan, the Postal Service is now implementing a new transportation plan, referred to as Local Transportation Optimization (LTO).

More Updates on Management's "Modernization" Plans

USPS Management's "network modernization" plans may affect postal workers and how we serve the public. The APWU will continue to oppose those parts of the “modernization plan” that disrupt, rather than improve, our mission to the people.

Update on Management's Network Modernization Plans: APWU Takes a Series of Actions

While still in its early stages, postal management is aggressively proceeding with their “network modernization” plans.

Network Modernization and Our Job Security Protections

An overview of job security protection amid network modernization.

Update on Management's Network Modernization Plans

APWU provides an update on management's network modernization plans.