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November 17, 2020

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(This article first appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

Below are quotes from various APWU local and state publications throughout the country. All the publications listed are part of the Postal Press Association (PPA). For more information on the PPA, visit or email

“If you were in charge of the USPS and had a $30,000,000 stake in a delivery business competitor with the USPS, which side would you be cheering for? Donald Trump has placed a political donor with a very profitable conflict of interest in charge of the USPS. Billionaires salivate at any opportunity to profit from taxpayers and the public good…military contracts, VA contracts, prisons…the USPS (welcome to the oligarchy). Privatization is not about efficiency. It is about making money; profit for the few at the cost of all others. How do you push through these ‘improvements’ to public institutions? Loyal donors to the cause of greed and selfishness. The fox is in the henhouse.” – Ted Volkmer, Nebraska Postal Workers Union Editor, The Nebraska Postal News

“By now, our members should have received their retroactive payment in their checks. The APWU fought for those pay increases and retaining a full COLA. The APWU fought for and won two step increases back for the second-tier wage earners. The APWU negotiated COVID leave benefits and liberal leave policies for our members to deal with illness and child care issues related to COVID. The APWU negotiated several Memorandums of Understanding with the USPS which took aggressive actions to protect the safety and health of our members during this pandemic. If you aren’t a member of the union but have benefitted from all those benefits and protections negotiated by the APWU, please, turn to your co-workers who are dues-paying members and thank them. Thank them for paying your share. Thank them for bearing all the financial weight of fighting for your rights, benefits, hours, wages and working conditions while you happily reap the rewards of their contributions.” – Nicole Burnett, Central New York Area Local President, Salt City Post

“We’re the union. Not just the officers and stewards. Right now, those fighting for our jobs and battling rife corruption in high places do not need us just saying: 'Well, what about my officers?' Instead, we need to be saying: 'What about me? What can I do to help all of us?' Now maybe you don’t feel you’re cut out to be a steward, or a leader. You don’t have to be. Just be there. Support them any way you can. Write to your congressmen or women. Sign petitions. Promote awareness of what’s going on.” – Joy Goldberg, Board of Trustees Chairperson Brooklyn (NY) Local, The Brooklyn Bridge

“We as postal workers can no longer afford to sit back and do nothing while the Postal Service crumbles at our feet. We must get involved to save this institution. We can no longer wait for others to do the work for us. If we do not stand up and fight for our jobs, why should others? At the very least, we all need to stay informed of what some politicians and the PMG want to do to us. This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about protecting our jobs and providing the service the American people depend on us to deliver their mail and packages.” – Paul McKenna, APWU of Wisconsin President, The Badger Bulletin

“During this pandemic, anyone who believes in the right to vote should enthusiastically embrace voting by mail. Without it, tens of millions of voters will be denied the opportunity to safely exercise their cherished right to vote. When postal workers go to work every day, our commitment is not to politicians or political parties; it’s to the people in every community across this country who are proud to serve in this election season and for years to come.” – Ivy Jones, Raleigh (NC) Cosmopolitan Area Local Legislative Director, The Rank & Filer

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