Drug and Alcohol Testing - USPS

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In a Step 4 settlement dated July 19, 2006, the APWU and USPS agreed that the Postal Service will not require employees to participate in DOT drug-and-alcohol-testing pools when the employees are unable to perform safety-sensitive functions. To be excused from the testing pool, the CDL holder must be unable to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle on even an occasional or temporary basis.

The APWU and the Postal Service agreed that the USPS is responsible for the cost of the initial treatment by a substance abuse professional of an employee who fail drug and alcohol tests, where management decides to retain the employee. A pre-arbitration settlement [PDF] dated April 18, 2006, resolved a dispute over the issue.

In a letter [PDF] dated July 30, 2001, the USPS notified the APWU of revisions to the rules governing drug and alcohol testing procedures. The APWU filed a grievance protesting the new drug testing rules.

An article [PDF] published by BNA, dated Jan. 4, 2001, summarizes changes issued by the DOT on Dec. 19, 2000.

letter [PDF] from the USPS to the APWU dated March 9, 1998, describes when employees may be required to undergo drug testing.

letter [PDF] from the USPS to the APWU dated Feb. 25, 1999, addresses the scheduling of drug tests during an employee’s tour.

Subpart G of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) [PDF] describes the role of the Medical Review Officer, who is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.

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