Brochure Spotlights Union’s Legislative Goals

May 17, 2007

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The APWU Legislative Department has produced a brochure that outlines the union’s legislative goals. “After more than a decade of focusing our legislative activities on the pros and cons of various postal ‘reform’ measures, the American Postal Workers Union has entered a new era,” the booklet notes. The new brochure identifies issues that demand our members’ attention, and provides a guide for the union’s advocacy work on Capitol Hill.

“Our goal is to increase our members’ involvement in the political and legislative process,” said APWU President William Burrus. “I believe this pamphlet will give our activists some of the important information they need to participate effectively in this critical arena. I hope to make publication of a booklet like this a regular event.”

A copy of the brochure will be mailed to local and state presidents, and will be made available at various union meetings throughout the spring and summer. Additional copies can be ordered by contacting the APWU Legislative Department at 202-842-4211.

“Whether our members are meeting with their representatives in Washington or in the district offices,” Legislative Director Myke Reid said, “it is imperative that APWU members make their voices heard on the important legislative issues of the day.”

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