Central Region Update: Article 12, COVID-19 and Safety

November 7, 2022

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Congratulations on a successful national convention in National Harbor, MD. On behalf of my region, along with the Central Region NBAs, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and greet delegates, members, and guests.

Article 12

At the time of my last article, the central region had received several Article 12 impact notices for the maintenance and clerk crafts, starting July of 2021. All of the initial impact notices were filed in a timely manner as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Since then, some have been postponed, while others modified or cancelled. No one has been moved, as the 50-mile radius is still working in our favor. I haven’t been informed about any withheld residuals for any of the impacts within the 50-mile radius. This MOU is in our current contract. If you need more specific information, please contact my office directly.

I don’t know what whoever redefined the areas and sections of the central, and other, regions was thinking. Where state lines once strictly decided the regions, we now need a map and it can be difficult for some people to understand, but we do manage.


COVID has clearly defined our past two years. We are still dealing with the repercussions, and I give my deepest condolences to anyone and their family affected by this virus.

Our offices have reopened, but that alone does not resolve all issues related to COVID. We still need to deter the spread by providing a safe area for workers. That’s not always easy to do, depending on where the office or building is located, its layout, the total number of employees working indoors, and not to mention the elevators. We are working our way through these obstacles and continue to represent the membership.

Safety is Always a Must

Remember, management has an obligation to provide clean and safe working conditions, and an environment free from hazards. Management is required to provide Form 1767 for all employees to report unsafe hazards or conditions, and they are required to address the issue and notify a representative or the employee. If the forms are not available, notify your local officers who can rectify the situation as required.

Get involved! Safety information is also available on the National APWU website. Safety first! Many thanks to all of the local representatives as well as regional safety representatives that assist us, including: Steve Vaughn, Dave Childers, John Hunt and Michelle Elliott. We couldn’t do it without you!

Against All Odds

The grievance arbitration administration has been a challenge this year. Accommodating all necessary restrictions and precautions to maintain a safe environment to meet, discuss, or have arbitration hearings, with the necessary precautions, is a challenge. Many thanks to all NBAs for getting it done. Despite some issues, locals still found a way to meet and conduct elections in a timely manner, compliant with their local constitutions. It wasn’t easy. Congratulations to all on fulfilling your constitutional requirements and to all elected members.

As Coordinator, I am available to assist Locals. In addition, coordinators Tiffany Foster, Northeast Region; A.J.Jones, Eastern Region; Yared Wonde, Southern Region; and Omar Gonzalez, Western Region are always available to work with you and for you. Congratulations to Kennith Beasley on his retirement! Thank you for your service. Welcome newly elected Southern Region Coordinator, Yared Wonde.

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