Human Relations Educational Assembly Educates, Engages, and Empowers

July 21, 2023

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The Human Relations Department held its Educational Assembly in Baltimore, MD, June 13-15, meeting in person for the first time since 2017. Human Relations Director Daleo Freeman opened the conference with greetings and remarks, explaining the purpose that gathered everyone there. “Building unity, solidarity and an efficiently equipped membership... this is the intent of the conference,” he said.

Through three days, members were educated, engaged and empowered on topics such as Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Veterans’ Rights, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Economic Justice, Social Justice and Equal Employment opportunities. The APWU-appointed Regional Resource Assistants were formally introduced. President Dimondstein gave a presentation on civil rights and justice, its history in relation to the labor movement, and the effects seen today. “In our community lies our strength,” stated President Dimondstein, “and our strength is stronger when labor and civil rights are united and in solidarity.”

Attendees were enlightened on the history of The Great Postal Strike of 1970, and APWU’s involvement in the Anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa in 1994. Members were then bought head-first into the 21st century as they discussed the current struggles in the fight for social justice and equality for all, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity or background.

“Learning about the marriage between the civil rights movement and the labor movement reenergized me,” said APWU member Chiezika Nwanyanwu, Executive Treasurer of the Greater Los Angeles Area Local. “Getting caught up in the day to day, often times we forget why the labor movement exists in the first place.”

At the conclusion of the Assembly, members left with a renewed sense of understanding on the role of the Human Relations Department and their part in making it happen. Attendees were encouraged to share the information learned and use it to implement or reboot human relations committees at the local level.

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