Human Relations Rolls Out Regional Resource Assistant Training Program for OWCP

Daleo Freeman

November 7, 2022

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Thanks to you, the membership, for electing me to the position of Human Relations Director. I am honored and humbled by your vote of confidence. I will endeavor to accomplish the goals that I set out to you while I was serving as an appointed officer.

In keeping with the APWU Constitution, we are finalizing plans for implementing programs in the areas of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), equal opportunity, civic community service, and other related programs. My intention is to balance the department’s focus so that we address all the outlined areas mentioned above. The Human Relations Department is dedicated to showing unity and implementing programs that reach all of our members.

We have focused our initial efforts on the principle that our injured members are entitled to the best assistance that we can provide. That is why I am excited to announce the roll-out of the newly formed APWU Regional Resource Assistant (RRA) training program for issues related to on-the-job injuries and OWCP.

We have developed an OWCP training program that equips nationally appointed Regional Resource Assistants (RRAs) with the knowledge and tools needed to assist locals nationwide with providing proper advice and effective assistance to workers within the APWU family on issues related to OWCP and on-the-job injuries.

All RRAs will have gone through the formal training and certification processes provided by the Department of Labor to provide effective and knowledgeable training on those specific issues.

At the request of local, state, and regional APWU offices, RRAs will provide training sessions and presentations to those local, state, and regional union offices (including to members at local union meetings) for issues related to on-the-job injuries and OWCP.

Local, state, and regional offices may request RRA training sessions by visiting the Human Relations Department page of the website, where we will provide a form and/or email address created specifically to request training. Members should contact their local/state representatives for issues related to OWCP.

To date, twenty members have been recommended by their local presidents and appointed by APWU National President Mark Dimondstein as APWU RRAs. Our training program is in its infancy. We anticipate perfecting the content and processes as needed. I look forward to sharing the results of the training in the future. Please visit the Human Relations section of the website for more information and updates on the program.

I encourage you to support your fellow siblings as they accept the responsibilities of an RRA. Our work on improving the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) processes continues, and implementation strategies for the other areas mentioned are underway.

Voting matters. Equal Opportunity, civil rights, and voting rights work hand-in-hand. Plus, we have the civic responsibility to vote.

Until next time, the struggle continues!

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