The Importance of Critical Thinking and Common Sense

May 6, 2022

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(This article first appeared in the May/June 2022 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

I felt the need for the above title in order to raise the awareness and consciences of our union members, with the hope that doing so can have some influence and effect on our members. We all in some way participate in the political process and have concerns of how it effects our lives and the lives of our family. It can seem sometimes that the whole world is losing their desire for decency, character, and integrity. I have to turn off and stop listening to social media, that is often times saturated with misinformation and disinformation, that leaves many of us in a state of confusion. There are many narcissists out there who are leading people astray for their own selfish reasons and it has nothing to do with improving you and your family’s quality of life. Think about what you are thinking about. Beware of the gaslighters who are cunning and persuasive to unsuspecting and agreeable people.

Most people want the truth. We all have an inner compass that tell us the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes we suppress our common sense or override it. The right thing and the truth can be contaminated with a lot of untruths. Weigh the evidence, examine it closely, and then come to your conclusion. What we may think to be complex, may not be so complex if you just take the common-sense approach. When carefully thinking your decision through, make sure that it’s for the benefit and good of all.

Every day in the workplace, at home and in public, we ought to be in a sustained mode of trying to make things better if we want a successful and brighter future for postal workers. If we use critical common sense, we could cure some of the ills. Don’t be afraid to speak truth to power!

The other reason I write on this subject is because we have so much divisiveness and unnecessary political turmoil in America. The midterm political elections are coming up and I hope that our union members and their families will turn out again like they did in recent elections. Our union members have seen the positive results of a good contract, postal reform, the appointment of a pro-labor Supreme Court Justice, and the new Juneteenth holiday.

Let’s Organize and Have Fun Doing It

Organizing our coworkers on the workroom floor will empower our members with more confidence when facing management and politicians – both friend and foe. APWU seeks to galvanize the members and prove that there is “strength is in numbers.”

All APWU members should join the movement to sign up non-members. There is no one style or way to get them to join. Many have their own unique way of soliciting and persuading coworkers to get them to understand the benefits of being a union member. The hardnosed non-member may say something negative; you should have hundreds of things positive to say back to them. Tell a story of the many important union victories, successful grievances, and negotiations that they benefited from. Try to convince them it’s their moral obligation to join the union.

My fellow coordinators Sharyn Stone-Central Region, AJ Jones-Eastern Region, Tiffany Foster-North Eastern Region, and Omar Gonzalez-Western Region are asking for each union member to help facilitate a robust organization drive and have fun doing it. Now let us all “do the right thing and let us all “keep the faith.”

In Solidarity.

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