Join The Fight for Social Security and a Better Tomorrow

Nancy Olumekor

March 16, 2023

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Legislative Priorities

The Social Security Fairness Act (H.R. 82) was re-introduced during the first week of the 118th Congress. Cosponsors are signing-on to the bill; however, they must also vote for the bill while it passes through the various House committees and when it finally reaches the floor of the House. We must keep the pressure on our congressional representatives in the House to co-sponsor and vote for H.R. 82 by calling our legislative hotline at 844- 402-1001, and by writing them letters, postcards, emails as well as encouraging our family, friends and acquaintances to do so as well.

Join The Retirees Department

Your APWU dues payments stop when you retire from the USPS. To continue your APWU membership you can join the Retirees Department. Retirees Department applications are mailed out and emailed to APWU bargaining unit members upon retirement from the USPS. You can join online at

Retirees Department dues are just a $3.00 per month deduction from your annuity.

OPM - Changing Your Annuity Payment Direct Deposit

Numerous retirees have complained that OPM delays in processing changes to their direct deposits resulted in delays in receiving their annuity payments.

Below is important information from OPM and the answer to the question “How do I change my annuity payments to a different bank or bank account?”

When you change the account you use for direct deposit, keep the old account open until a payment is posted to the new account. This will prevent OPM from having to reissue your payment if it is rejected by the old bank account or if there is a problem with the new account.

You can submit the change to OPM by visiting by calling (888) 767-6738; or writing to OPM to sign up for direct deposits or to change your account or bank information.

If you write to OPM, your letter should include your claim number. You can submit a Standard Form 1199A, Direct Deposit Sign-up Form, also available from your bank. Mail your letter of request or Standard Form 1199A to:

PO Box 45
Boyers, PA 16017.

Third Act: National Day of Action – March 21, 2023

Third Act, founded by prominent environmentalist Bill McKibben, aims to harness the power, passion, and experience of the nation’s seniors to tackle the two greatest crises we face, climate change and authoritarian assaults on democracy.

As union members, we worked for economic justice and a better world! As union retirees, our third act must be to help save that world!

Operating through a host of groups throughout the country, Third Act, with legions of volunteers, is taking the fight to save our planet and our democracy for present and future generations, directly to the obscenely wealthy elites and mega-corporations who invest heavily in fossil fuels.

Union retirees in numerous cities around the country, are organizing for the March 21 National Day of Action, when seniors will join together to demand that four of the nation’s biggest banks – Bank of America, Chase, Citibank and Wells Fargo – move their money out of fossil fuels.

Thousands of Third Act volunteers and followers have already pledged to divest from these banks unless they agree to divest from fossil fuel, and more will do so in the weeks and months ahead.

As union retirees, you can become a part of this exciting movement by helping us build participation in the activities throughout the nation.

For more information on activities happening near you – from attending the rally, picketing, being part of a rocking chair vigil, serving food or being a marshal during marches, to civil disobedience – visit 

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