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Sarah Jane Rodriguez

May 20, 2024

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I wanted to take this moment to say "thank you" for the continued privilege to serve as your Health Plan Director. On behalf of everyone at the APWU Health Plan, we are grateful for the trust and loyalty that you have given us, and we are committed to continuing to support your health and wellness journey. Our mission is to enrich our members’ lives through consistent, exceptional member experiences. See what our members are saying!


In addition to the low premiums and PCA account, another HUGE factor is ‘PERSON’ABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. UnitedHealthcare has great people in customer care AND you can also contact live people from APWUHP when needed.
~ Erin Linn, Local 7065

I’ve recently switched from Self Plus One to Family; the change was smooth and without any issues. Now I have a peace of mind knowing that my entire family is covered with a great plan that is not only affordable, but has great coverage.
~Marcela Torres Vega, High Option Member

Since the creation of the Consumer Driven Plan, the only year I had to pay expenses out of my own pocket was in 2015, when I suffered a heart attack. I was released from the hospital after four days and received a bill for $105,000. My responsibility was less than 5 percent of the total hospital bill. Other than in 2015, I’ve never had to pay a single dollar for any doctor visits, specialist visits, physical therapy, prescriptions, or three separate MRIs. Any unused PCA allowance rolls over each year into the next plan year, which is a significant feature of the Consumer Driven plan.
~Wayne Maurer, Director, APWABA

The beautiful thing about the High Option is that it covers a majority of my medications, and my FSA covers the other portion. I believe it’s cost efficient, and I’ve learned to keep all my doctors in network.
~Robbie Robertson, Area Local #8

I’ve been a member of the Health Plan for 26 years. In 2014, my wife was diagnosed with lupus and needed a new FDA drug approved for lupus that cost $8K per month (which the Health Plan pays today). Not only has the treatment worked for her these past five years, but the APWU Health Plan also helped get her approved with UnitedHealthcare. She is now healthy, and I couldn’t be more proud to be member of the APWU Health Plan.
~Hilliard Sharper, Columbia, SC Local 807

I have APWU Consumer Driven for my family! Have for the last seven years, and it’s the best decision I ever made!
~Heidi Maas, Local 7141

The APWU Health Plan is the best in the business!
~Keith Richardson, General President APWU Chicago Area Local

PSHB Announcement: The APWU Health Plan is proud to announce that we have been conditionally approved to participate in the new, upcoming 2025 PSHB Program designed specifically for postal employees and retirees! In addition, we will continue to offer coverage for federal employees and retirees under the current FEHB Program.

For more information please visit our website: https://www.apwuhp.com/postal-service-health-benefits-program/

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