MVS Tell the OIG: What do you think about the new lift gates?

May 4, 2020

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The USPS Office Inspector General (OIG) recently announced a solicitation for postal employee comments on the lift gates of the latest purchased Peterbilt 18’ and 24’ cargo trucks.

On April 30, MVS Director Michael Foster and Assistant Director Javier E. Piñeres teleconferenced with the OIG regarding their concerns with the cargo truck lift gates and the comment solicitation. Director Foster commented, “This is a significant comment solicitation by the OIG because the inquiries and concerns came from the MVS members who operate these lift gates on a daily basis.”

The USPS OIG has agreed to accept concerns until June 15, 2020.

“We’re going to continue discussions with the OIG audit team during the comment solicitation and up to the audit report. We will keep you updated accordingly,” assured Assistant Director Piñeres.

In February of 2018, the MVS national officers and members participated in the First Article Testing (FAT) of the Peterbilt 18’ and 24’ cargo trucks, as agreed to in Article 39.3.B. Numerous comments were made and safety concerns were identified to postal management and the manufacturer - including issues with the lift gates. Click here to view Director Foster’s letter on the original FAT.

“Since the USPS OIG has been willing to review the potential safety issues on the lift gates, it is important that we make our safety concerns known.” Director Foster further remarked, “if you have any experiences, injuries, testaments, ergonomic issues, technical problems, or other information operating or repairing these lift gates, we encourage you to participate in the comment solicitation and make your voices heard.”

Click here to submit your comment.

A full USPS OIG report is expected sometime after August.

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