President Dimondstein Speaks about Postal Banking on The Working Life Podcast

July 1, 2019

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President Mark Dimondstein appeared on the June 26 episode of writer and labor strategist Jonathan Tasini’s The Working Life Podcast, discussing the Campaign for Postal Banking.

President Dimondstein discussed the need for pilot tests for services such as payroll check cashing, low-fee and no-fee debit cards, ATMs, bill payments, and electronic money transfers – all of which the Postal Service has a right to offer under the law. He also touched on the need for these services in unbanked and underbanked rural communities.

“Postal banking, and all sorts of other enhanced services, should be part of any business plan the Postal Service does come up with,” President Dimondstein said. “As we have pointed out, it’s not called the United States Postal Business. It’s called the United States Postal Service.”

Listen to the free podcast below:

Tasini also spoke with Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH-09), a leading Congressional advocate for Postal Banking. Kaptur has led an effort to bring pilot tests of financial services to post offices in the Northeast Ohio area.

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