Wilmington DE/Malcolm T Smith Area Local Hits the Streets to Fight for the People’s Postal Service

July 19, 2018

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On July 9, in response to the White House’s recent plan to privatize the USPS, Wilmington DE/Malcolm T Smith Area Local hit the pavement to spread the word that the fight is on to save the people’s post office.

Their recent informational rally against the White House’s privatization efforts was an effective way to inform the public about the attacks on our national treasure.

After a successful struggle against the closing of the Wilmington, DE Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) a few years ago, Local President Trina Wynn explained that the local knows how building bridges and allies is a winning strategy. They were able to keep the facility open because, “we came together with our Congress people, our communities and the public… they were aware of what was going on and they stood with us.”

The local passed out 300 informative postcards, held signs, and engaged in meaningful conversations with dozens of postal customers and community members. Hundreds of motorists and passerbys slowed down to read signs and stopped to take postcards.

Wynn explained that all locals need to take action and inform their communities about the very imminent threat of privatization to the future of the public postal service.

“It’s time to come together,” said Wynn. “It’s time to put all of our individual differences aside and understand that we are Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow!


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