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E.g., 07/17/2019
E.g., 07/17/2019

2019 National Officer Election Candidates’ Online Statements Posted

Statements by candidates for national union office are posted on in accordance with Article 11.3.c.2 of the APWU Constitution. To view the statements click here and follow the log-in instructions for the Members Only section.

Tackling Workplace Harassment

The newly formed Workplace Environment Committee met on July 11-12 at the Tommy Douglass Center in Silver Spring, MD to correlate mediums, methods and procedures to deal with employee-employer relations on the workroom floor. Established by...

Stay Informed About Your Union

Trampling on Veterans' Rights

A recent regional Merit Systems Protection Board decision rejected the appeal of an APWU veteran who had been involuntarily demoted to a lower grade. "Appellant may well be performing lower-graded duties," the board ruled, "but, absent an official...

Doc Fix Prevents Cuts to Medicare Providers for a Year

On Thursday, the House approved a so-called “doc fix” bill that serves as a temporary solution to an ongoing structural problem in the formula used to determine Medicare funding levels. After hours of uncertainty over whether the bill would have...

Arbitrator Rules 'Separation of Casuals' Language in Article 12 Applies Only to Casuals in the Impacted Craft

In a recent National Association of Letter Carriers’ (NALC) national arbitration award, Arbitrator Shyam Das ruled that “[t]he provision in Article 12.5.C.5.a (2) for ‘separation of all casuals’ applies to casuals in the affected or losing craft,...

New Online Tool for OWCP Claims

The Employees’ Compensation Operations and Management Portal (ECOMP) is the newest on-line tool created by the Department of Labor Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) to assist with claims processing and tracking.

Departmental Commitment

A new year is a good time to reflect on special people whose paths have crossed our lives during the past year, such as family members, co-workers, neighbors or other members of the community, or even former schoolmates. It also is a time to say...